Barclays de Zoete Wedd

Involved in the design and development of a large Client Server Trading Settlement System, designed to control the trading of equities, using Digital\’s development tools and company standards.

Consultancy included:

  • Defining the distributed database and dictionary build, usage and management strategy
  • The co-ordination and control of data definitions as defined by logical and physical analyst designers, developers, system test personnel, and the system builder
  • Managed the day-to-day work of two team members and assisted in the training of the student
  • Troubleshooting over the use of the database and data definition layered products and their interface to other products.

BT Cellnet

Contributed to the development of an Administration and Billing System, a distributed application critical to Cellnet\’s core business of monitoring the use of mobile phones and invoicing thereof. Responsibilities included controlling, co-ordinating, building and installing applications across a variety of platforms. Additional responsibilities included:

  • Analysis, design and development of tools, created to company standards using Microsoft, Digital and Oracle development tools, to automate and monitor various activities to increase the efficiency, security and reliability of the team\’s activities
  • Promoting source code between multiple source code libraries and repositories to reflect the application\’s life cycle for audit and support purposes
  • Organisation, maintenance and security of source code libraries and repositories.

Compaq Computer Limited

Contributed to the ongoing design, development and enhancement of the web based front-end of Compaq\’s European Customer Services Data Warehouse application. InfoSmart is a portal style Intranet website providing management and customer reporting solutions, part of a Compaq’s global program providing consistent Data Warehouses and common reporting tools world-wide. The application provides information derived from many current and legacy systems and reference sources.

Corporate standards ensured the application was developed to a high standard with a look and feel consistent with the corporate Intranet. Emphasis lay in ensuring the make-up of the report contents and navigational structure were data driven to minimise code, increase flexibility, and to allow for rapid application development.

Covenco (UK) Limited

  • Analysed, prototyped, designed and developed the company\’s Intranet / Extranet Web Site to help market the company\’s services, stock and business practices. Customers and employees access the website to access a variety of functions including Customer Registration and Details Maintenance, Product Search, Processor Upgrade Enquiry, Processor Details Search, Software Version Display, Shopping List Maintenance, Advertisement Display.
  • Analysed, prototyped, designed, and developed an Internet based client/server multi-currency Broker Dealing Room System. The application gives brokers the ability to trade computer hardware using the Internet as the communications backbone. Client application functionality included SMTP/POP3 compliant Email functions, web-browsing, custom screensaver advertising, backup / restore and export / import facilities, internationalisation, and customisation of the application\’s “look and feel”.

Digital Equipment Corporation

  • Contributed to the development and support of the Digital Record System, a geographical information system (G.I.S.) developed on behalf of British Gas Plc. to allow their entire UK pipe network to be electronically overlaid over H.M. Ordinance Survey maps.
  • Contributed to the design and development of a multi-subscriber/multi-supplier Network Application Billing System invoicing application.
  • Assisted in the design and development of a Management Reporting Database application, one of a suite of distributed financial applications developed overhaul how Digital\’s European subsidiaries track, report and maintain invoices, orders and ledgers.
  • Contributed to the design and development of a multi-currency Bill of Materials Estimating system on behalf of Costain International Ltd..

Dun & Bradstreet Limited

  • Contributed to the complete overhaul of Dun & Bradstreet\’s corporate-wide Global Intranet. Responsible for the analysis, design and implementation, migration and integration of all European Intranet sites. Analysed the initial organically grown environment, to design an Intranet topology reflecting the business structure of the company, and plan and implement a suitable migration strategy. Involved in the areas of standards and guidelines, quality control, naming conventions, security policy, templates and themes, convergence of Intranet and Internet sites, and browser customisation.
  • Analysed, prototyped, designed and implemented a sophisticated corporate intranet application to replace a mainframe legacy system. Telesales personnel use the application to order a variety of credit-related reports and products on behalf of their customers by browsing to a succession of web pages, each communicating with it\’s own local/remote NT/Unix server/database.

Hewlett Packard Consulting Limited

Regus Limited has a worldwide network of over 400 business centres providing rental office space, technology and support
services. Progressive Memory provided consultancy on the implementation of Galaxy, Regus\’ multi-tiered Internet and Intranet Inventory and Reservation System, consisting of the four main areas of Centre, Inventory, Customer, and User Management.
Implemented using MS Windows 2000, MS Internet Information Server 5.0, Active Server Pages 3, MS SQL Server 2000, Component
Services, COM+, Visual Basic 6.0, Visual C++ 6.0, XML, XHTML, Dynamic HTML, JavaScript, Cascading Style Sheets, MS Visual InterDev
6.0, MS SourceSafe and MS Script Debugger.

The presentation layer consisted of a browser independent web interface
featuring a non-scrolling multi-layered tabbed \”look-n-feel\”, based on Regus\’ corporate branding. The middle-tier of the
application consisted of ASP integrated with a series of custom business objects, implemented as COM+ server components,
encapsulating business and data access logic from the user interface and database that ran within an MTS environment.

National Grid Company

  • Designed and developed an application to analyse and model the relative efficiencies of 158 Powerstations throughout the United Kingdom. A third party maths analysis package was used to regress the input data to enable a usage order to be produced. This application and the information derived was used as part of the decision making process to help optimise the overall use of the powerstations at any time through the day, week and quarter so that overall costs are minimised.
  • Responsible for the design and development of two applications used to analyse and report on the availability, utilisation, performance, charges and costs relating to power generated by two power stations. Emphasis lay in accurately translating the complex equations and conditions described within legal documents into program logic to take into account all contractual possibilities. Digital\’s development tools were used to complete the application within specified timescales to company standards.

Research Machines Plc.

Responsible for the analysis, prototyping, design and implementation of the System Management Website, central to the day-to-day management of the ICT solution. The website has been implemented using MS Internet Information Server 5, Active Server Pages 3, Visual InterDev 6, COM+, Visual Basic 6, IE5.5 Dynamic HTML, VBScript, JScript, Behaviours, XML, XSL, SSL, WSH, ADSI, LDAP and WebHelp.

Analysed the overall business requirements and the functionality of legacy solutions to establish a high level design. Storyboarded and prototyped various web pages as part of the process of creating the detailed design. Implemented the website within agreed timescales, liasing with a number of development, test and configuration management teams.

Designed the architecture to comprise of a series of distributed cloned websites on a three-tier application model. The model consisted of the browser (presentation) layer, School Explorer web server (business) layer, Domain Explorer web server (aggregate / remote tasks) layer to aid scalability, and manageability.